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Monday, March 3, 2014

Decorator EP
Artist: kz(Livetune) feat. Hatsune Miku

DOWNLOAD: [MF] || [Mega] || [Mir.cr]

01. DECORATOR [Direct]
02. Packaged (Shipping in 2013 remix) [Direct]
03. Connection [Direct]
04. Pink or Black [Direct]
05. Long Way From Here [Direct]
06. Andante [Direct]
07. DECORATOR (TeddyLoid remix) [Direct]

Download Decorator 128kbps ver: [Direct] || [ge.tt] || [MF]
Download Video1 [group (PDF2nd) version]: [MF]
Download Video2 [Miku only (Original) version]: [MF]

*Funload for Indonesian user only*
Notes: Bebas dishare..
Leave Copyright data Forunesia.com jika menshare..
No Advertise Link please ke file downloader kami..
Thank you.

Project Code: Project_Funime_MP3!
For You Indonesia, by Forunesia

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