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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fate Stay Night (UBW)
Original Soundtrack 1
[MP3/320kbps + FLAC (Single)]

Download Album: [Mir.cr] || [EU] || [MF] || [Direct_1] || [Direct_2]

01. Unlimited Blade Works
02. Rin:Remembrance~Shoukan
03. Archer
04. Shirou:Akai Kioku~Invocation
05. Face to Face
06. Souls to Fight
07. Storm
08. Vortex of Fate
09. Rin's Melody
10. Daydream
11. A Sword, No Words
12. Purple Shade
13. Into the Battles
14. Arrow
15. Rin:my wish
16. Two Hearts
17. Reason to Kill
18. Fist of desperate~Awakening
19. Dark Glow
20. Unacceptable
21. Rule Breaker
22. Shirou:Nowhere to go
23. Each Choices, Each Steps
24. Far Away from You
[Direct_MP3] || [Direct_FLAC]
26. count it from zero
27. down in the zero

*Direct_2=Indonesia Optimized*
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{ 3 comments... read them below or Comment }

  1. Its good, but the Yuki Kaijura compositions for fate zero were so much better

  2. Awesome! Makes me want to listen to it again! When's brave shine coming out? I can't wait till that comes out as well

  3. can we download it per song only? not as a whole album?



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