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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trident - BLUE - The Last Album [3rd Album]
Artist: Trident
Download Album: [Mir.cr] || [EU] || [MF] || [MEGA] || [Direct_1]
Download MP3 - Single: [Mega] || [ge.tt]
01. BLUE [Trident] [Direct_MP3]
02. Blue Moon [Trident] [Direct_MP3]
03. Aonomukou [Iona, Takao] [Direct_MP3]
04. Fly [Takao, Haruna] [Direct_MP3]
05. Hello, hello [Iona, Haruna] [Direct_MP3]
06. Takaramono [Iona] [Direct_MP3]
07. Mata Ashita [Takao] [Direct_MP3]
08. Yellow Carpet [Haruna] [Direct_MP3]
09. Egao Mania [Blue Steels] [Direct_MP3]
10. Hajimari no Owari [Blue Steels] [Direct_MP3]
11. Blue・Field ~Finale~ [Trident] [Direct_MP3]
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{ 3 comments... read them below or Comment }

  1. I request for Hai to Gensou no Grimgar opening!

  2. Admin pls upload something anything will do

  3. Hopefully your HDD will be working again by the time the seasonal anime of spring 2016 arrives! This season is looking very enthusiastic which means the openings & endings are going to be on fire! =D



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